In the first just-idea phase, Logg was only about tracking the brewing tea & coffee. There will be countdown to remind us about coffee and tea. Because this is an indispensable need for humanity, everyone wants hot coffee or tea 🙂 We think you understand that how much we love coffee. After that we thought that we want to remember when we brewed tea, then another thought appeared in our minds, we want to remember our memories based on categories.

There are too many application that tracking categories but they all separated and specified for a category. Making fulfilled memories isn’t possible with using too many applications. So, we thought again, we share our memories in social media and we can’t find any memory in social media. And then light bulb is turned on over heads, we want to create an application to remember all memories, to Logg (record) all our life, to guide ourselves with self-tracking and to increase self-awareness.

Because this is an indispensable need for humanity, everyone wants hot coffee or tea 🙂

From our sight, everything in our lives are so important although we understand how important it is, when we try to remember it. Logg’s main and united idea is Remembering. But not like as notes applications, or social media apps,  remembering really and really everything, every moments from wake up to sleep. This could be possible if we work tight and hard. So, we worked hard and created Logg. Logg is now in its baby steps era but she is growing. Logg has a big opportunity with limitless minds. Nowadays, Logg in market for about one month and users are slowly adapting theirselves to track every moment and live as a organized person. New features are on the way and they will never stop. Please give your support, make complaints, say good wishes and let’s walk together. 

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