I want to introduce our new app Logg – Personal Social Media.

First of all I have to mention one problem with our life. We have a lot of time and lot of things to do. But we never have enough time. Everyday we need more and more time. But the end of the day we always ask to ourselves, what did I’ve done today? or Yesterday? Where I spent all my life and my time? There is no satisfying answer almost everyone. Someday we think about diary. We try to record and save our activities to papers, phones or tablets. Sometimes we can do that even if we can there is always a problem looking back and searching what, when, why…

Never fear, Logg is here. 😎

I am no diary person and can’t save all kind of data to somewhere.

You can save data that only you don’t want to forget and the data you want to track like your health situation, sport activities, travel details, barber or coiffeur appointments etc. only create Loggs for them.

When was the last time I ate fish,
When was the last time I went to church,
When was the last time I went to hospital,
When was the last time I went to opera,
When was the last time I made barbecue,
How many kilometers I walked,
How long have I been working,
How much exercise did I do last weekend?
Just save your key points of your life if you want to. But, from another point of view, is not every moment of our life a key point?

Sometimes I want to share my moments and activities with my friends.

Here it is, the beauty of Logg,

You can share your logs with your followers if you want to. Logg provides you to share your activities with your friends or hide your activities from everyone. Comment and Like others’ activities.

What else?

If you want to wonder what else you can do with Logg, you can download and Logg right now!

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