You will see when you start using Logg.

Logg will be your smart mobile diary, your traveller companion, your coach and your confidant at the same time.Write whatever you feel like a journal. Use it to keep track of yourself as if you had a coach near you while you were training. Create a story with travel memories. Save a lot more.

Record how many glasses you drink water, tea and coffee a day. Record how many kilometers you walk. Record when you buying and when you start using sunscreen. Set Reminder; do not forget to drink your medicines and to water your flowers. Write down your thoughts about the music you listen to and remember it later. Record the sentences you underlined in the books you read. Save places you trip, take photos and add. See how much time you spend on a daily job.

Organize your life and increase your motivation. So, all your memories will stay with you.

Logg will show you how you spent your life. It will offer the opportunity to review your life. When you look back, you will encounter many events that you will say wow. And if you like, you can share it with the whole world or you can make it special to you. You can reach the world by clicking on a world sign, or you can just throw in a lot of Logg that is special to you.

Save as you wish.. Use Logg abundantly 🙂

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