Being Most Valuable X

Being Most Valuable X

James Harden, MVP of this year. He is the illustration of working hard, he played a great season for Houston Rockets. This season was historical for Houston Rockets. They won 65 games, and this is the most games won season for Houston Rockets. James made contribution to historical moment with his valuable points. He made 30,4 average points at this season and that brought MVP prize to him. He is really a powerful and sturdy player, he deserved it. Congratulations James Harden.

Blood and Sweat

Although being MVP is a dream for all NBA player, only the most hardworking, determined and powerful player can get it. However, having these characteristics is not an easy thing, it has many elements like killer exercises, blood and sweat, regular and healthy diet programs, muscle trainings, psychological preparations, meditations, lots of cardio, good sleeping, early wake ups, straight social life and organized personal life.

Although being MVP is a dream for all NBA player, only the most hardworking, determined and powerful player can get it.

With the help of technology

Indeed, you had to have these characteristics if you want to most valuable player, worker, teammate, employee, member, father, mother etc. You can be hardworking and determined person but to become most valuable one, you had to organize your life, you need to track yourself and you must increase your self-awareness. By the help of self-tracking and recording you will reach your goals, you will be the most valuable. At this point, to track yourself and to increase your self-awareness you can get help from technology and you can use mobile applications.

Complete Life Logging App

There are lots of applications for separated activity tracking on the other hand to become MVX (most valuable X), you need a complete life tracking application hence you might use Logg. Logg is a complete life logging and tracking application. It helps you to capture your all moments and to see in a timelineflow, this gives you ability to see your day, month, week from an outside vision. You can easily analyze your life and you can put it in an organized state. By this way, Logg will assist you to reach your goals and to become most valuable. Tracking your daily activities like sleeping, eating, drinking, exercising, working and more with Logg, will increase your self-awareness. As a result, you will give right decisions about your goals.

Also, you can save your all-important moments with Logg and you can remember when you want to. When you become MVX, save that moment in Logg and never forget!

Wish you have a great and organized life.

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