What is Life Logging Apps

What is Life Logging Apps

Life Logging Apps – You can understand its features from its name. They help us to record all activities in our life cycle from wake up to sleep. Yes, that is obviously clear but why we need to use them, why we need to record our activities. Measuring everyday activities can help us to improve our quality of life, according to aficionados of “self-tracking” but how?

According to “The Economist Magazine”:

Some people are doing just these things. They are an eclectic mix of early adopters, fitness freaks, technology evangelists, personal-development junkies, hackers and patients suffering from a wide variety of health problems. What they share is a belief that gathering and analysing data about their everyday activities can help them improve their lives—an approach known as “self-tracking”, “body hacking” or “self-quantifying”


Life logging apps brings self-awareness

First of all, life logging apps brings self-awareness about our health, our life. We can track our everyday activities, we can analyze that how active we are in our daily life. It is easy to see that how much calories we have taken, how much time we have slept,  how many steps that we have taken, how many cups of coffee we have drunken, when we have taken our pills or when we last gone to doctor. With this general monitoring we increase our life quality, and our self-awareness.

Again, according to “The Economist Magazine”:

David (not his real name), an investment banker in London.He had trouble falling asleep.He recorded his sleep data along with information on his diet, health supplements, exercise and alcohol consumption, uploading it all onto the Zeo website. He also tried interventions such as taking magnesium supplements, cutting out caffeine and changing the lighting conditions in his bedroom. Using the readings from the headband, he could see how each of these things affected his sleep.

He found that drinking too much alcohol undermined his sleep quality, but also determined that taking magnesium supplements helped him sleep more soundly and reach deep sleep more quickly. He now sleeps for an average of seven-and-a-half hours a night, up from six hours before he began his self-tracking experiment. “I feel more relaxed, sharper and more switched on,” he says. “Seeing the facts on your computer screen makes them difficult to ignore.”

Life logging apps make it easy for our plans and goals to happen

Also life logging apps make it easy for our plans and goals to happen. We forget many things in our busy life. At this point life logger apps help us. With a good progress and control tracking system, it reminds us when and where we should be doing during the day. By this way, we can reach the goals we set for the day and we can measure our life.

Remembering is the key

Another benefit is remembering our past memories. We can record our social activities such as cinema or cycling, we can take notes about our meetings, we can save our spends about a new cloth or new accessories. We can easily find whenever we have done our car insurance and how much we have paid for it. We can save ourcomments, thoughts for books, movies or theater. We can go back and look at our notes, pictures and memories whenever we want.

It reminds us for drinking water in day and it helps us to remember moving our bodies for a healthy day. With using life logging apps we can make our individual & social life easier, we can control our health and we can easily remember our notes, our memories.

Logg – The Greatest Life Logging App


Logg is a life logging app. It gives you ability to record and track all your activities. You can find lots of category in Logg, you can easily save your memories, notes with categories you want. For example: you can record your last doctor examination in Logg, with just selecting “Doctor Examination” category. You can add your doctor report or prescription, and your notes in this record. Whenever you want to remember this doctor examination activity, you can just filter “Doctor Examination” category and find your past records. With this you can track your health status.

With Logg you can create your timeline, you can monitor yourself and increase your self-awareness. You will have a great memory with Logg whenever you want to remember anything, you will easily remember it with Logg.

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