Category Based Life Tracking Benefits

Category Based Life Tracking Benefits

We do a lot of work in our daily life. Sometimes we have to back and categorize the work we do. Because it is important to categorize jobs on the basis of better management. When we manage our business categorically, we can see which category we are tired more, which category we are spending less time on, and which is getting the majority of our time during the day. So we can make an arrangement and improvement between them.

We can see the categories that make us, we can try to increase the categories that we think are missing. This increases our personal awareness. So we can make better plans, we can complete our shortcomings.

Our business life is more intense, our cultural activities may be more varied but limited. When we manage them on a category basis, we can see that not reading enough books or not going to cinemas but allocating quality time to our children. After seeing this easy analysis we could find the balance. It would be very good to categorize our plans for personal awareness.

Logg Your Life

With Logg, we can track all of our activities and plans in one application with no need for other personal tracking applications. Logg can follow our own personal and social life with various categories by the help of this we could make many observations about our habits and life-style and we never forget our memories.

We can follow the activities we have done and see them statistically. By keeping the activities we want to follow under one platform, we keep our daily activities in a collective place.

Logg gives us the opportunity to see our personal life as a timeline, and it’s free. We will be able to enter our daily activities and easily remember when and where we have done before. Logg is always a supporter with easy registration and quick use during the day.

By registering regularly, we can follow today, our week, our month and our year.

Stop Asking Yourself

Stop asking many questions to yourself, Logg will remember them for you.

– How many books have I read,
– When did I buy this book,
– How many movies I watched,
– How long I walked,
– When was the last time I ate fish,
– How long have I been working,
– When was the last time I went to the hospital,
– How much exercise did I do?

We can record everything that might come to mind. For a successful and a more organized life, Logg is always with you to remember and track everything.

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