Facebook Closing Moves App

Facebook Closing Moves App

Facebook has announced that it will close its Moves app due to “low usage”. According to the company description, user data will be deleted within 90 days.

Moves will be closed on July 31st.

Moves, bought by Facebook in 2014, was a fitness application for recording everyday activities such as walking, cycling and running. Moves recorded how much the day traveled, walked, or even spent the day. In addition, the duration, the number of steps, the km information was stored. The Moves application will be closed on July 31st.

Logg is ready and running 

Some people are still disappointed that they are using this application however, with the possibility to save daily activities with various category contents feature, Logg could help to Moves users at this point. They can record activities such as walking, cycling, running and more activities with friends or open sharing.

Walking, Cycling, Running and Unlimited Activities are possible in Logg

With Logg’s ability to follow friends, they can add friends and browse their categories. Thus, they can compare their own data statistically with their friends and find common aspects. They can share and keep track of everything they want under both sports and other categories. Reminders offered by Logg have the ability to repeat for 2 hours to drink water, 4 hours to get up and walk from where they sit. Thus, they can control all field activities not only in sport field but also in daily life.

Complete Life Logging App

There is also the possibility to share pictures, locations and audio recordings on all of them. With Logg, they can easily log in to their daily activities and remember when and where they have done before.

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