In 6 Months, Logg is Featured Twice on the Apple Store

In 6 Months, Logg is Featured Twice on the Apple Store

Today, we are really proud of our work. We worked so hard, we did much more than what we could and with a small budget but we never gave up from our vision. Today, we are featured on the Apple Store again at the Applications Tab in a list named as “From Turkey to the World”. This is the second time that Apple Store features us. And it is only 6 months that we published Logg in the Apple Store. This shows that we are in the correct way and doing our work good. Just like what Necip Fazıl Kısakürek said in his poetry:

Tohum saç, bitmezse toprak utansın!
Hedefe varmayan mızrak utansın!

Hey gidi Küheylan, koşmana bak sen!
Çatlarsan, doğuran kısrak utansın!

This is a Turkish poetry and it says that do your best always and if nothing happens, don’t shame on you, because you gave your everything.

We have created a platform which people loved, this is the most important prize for us.

Thank you all.

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